10 reasons to join TopDutch


10 reasons to join TopDutch

1. International business

Access to the world.

The Netherlands is the highest ranking country for doing international business. The Dutch speak fluent English and many other languages. We are open, transparent, honest, reliable and direct, we blend in well with other cultures. We are international traders. We are the logistical core into Europe and into the world. The TopDutch region is strategically located towards the Western, Central and Scandinavian European markets.

2. We Are Green

Sustainability is the essence of growth.

Renewable means business. Whether you are in chemistry, energy, or any other industrie: customers demand that you use green feedstock and that you close the loop in your entire supply and production chain. The TopDutch region is on the forefront of green chemistry and green energy. Get unlimited access to bio-based feedstock, sustainable energy, green hydrogen and the purest water.

3. We Are Digital

Welcome to Cyberspace.

The TopDutch digital society is vibrant. We have young, highly educated talent, the fastest growing internet companies and an active digital scene. We are the ideal location for your European headquarters. The TopDutch region is where the fastest international internet connections come together. We also have the most reliable power grids in the world. We are the hot spot for your datacenters.

4. The purpose region

We are here for global impact.

The TopDutch region offers the future in safe food, safe drinking water, safety against water, green energy, green chemistry and digital services: all of these are much desired in the rest of the world. The Netherlands is the most connected country in the world. We can open up a global market for your innovations and products. Join TopDutch and let’s make a global impact together.

5. Talent

We educate over 85,000 students per year.

With multiple universities, the TopDutch region educates over 85,000 students per year, including many international students from all over the world. Our Universities work together within our regional industries and international companies on real-world challenges and fundamental research. Together we focus on economic development, collaboration, creativity and innovation in our key sectors. We are leading in sustainable and digital education. Tap into our talent.

6. The green metropolis

We are urban and nature.

The TopDutch region ranks the highest in cultural offerings. Enjoy pop, dance and rock festivals, classical concerts and world class theatre, museums, architecture and art in our vibrant cities. We have excellent hotels and restaurants. Even though the Netherlands has one of the densest populations in the world, the TopDutch region offers clean air, vast horizons and beautiful nature. Escape and free your mind in our forests, on our beaches, islands and lakes. Expand your horizon in the TopDutch region.

7. We are space

Space for growth.

The TopDutch region offers relatively low rental costs, while still benefiting from the Netherlands’ excellent logistics. Our region is home to large, facilitated greenfield locations, where tailor made real estate solutions are easily accommodated. Everything you need can be found within an hour drive and we are centrally located and well connected to Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Stockholm and London. We offer space for entrepreneurs to dream, develop and grow.

8. The green carpet

A warm welcome to you and your team.

The TopDutch team is at your disposal to support you in the process and connect you to the right authorities. The Netherlands is the fastest and most transparent country in Europe to handle the physical and legal aspects for international businesses setting up a local subsidiary. We offer a no-nonsense, open and safe culture supporting creativity and innovation. You are welcome! 

9. TopDutch industries

Plug into our unique ecosystem.

Our key industries are:

  • Chemistry
  • WaterTech
  • Agrifood
  • Digital Services
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Logistics

10. Happiness

Wealth and health.

The Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world. But wealth is not just defined by money. The TopDutch region combines the economic power of the Netherlands with large, affordable housing, world class education and health systems, low crime rates, fresh air, beautiful nature, overwhelming cultural offerings and a great balance between challenging jobs and leisure time. Our International Welcome Center will support your people to prepare for the TopDutch social life and make them feel at home. We will make you part of our community. Are you ready to be a TopDutch hero too?