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Are you ready for Agritechica Hannover 2019?

Are you looking for the right place to locate your innovative AgriFood company? Whether you’re in need of specific R&D activities, or ready to springboard into the European market, TopDutch is the green, talented and digital region for your next business development.

Why TopDutch?

Discover TopDutch

We are TopDutch, the economic region of the Northern Netherlands, and a global leader in AgriFood innovation. During your trip to Agritechica Hannover, discover the TopDutch region, where our ecosystem of knowledge and innovation communities, business and government are growing the food, bio-based and circular value chains of the future.

How? At the center of our ecosystem is our geographically and logistically well-positioned agricultural hinterland, where our digitally-savvy farmers grow the crops that act as the base to these value chains. Here, you’ll also find a vibrant, structured business community of AgriFood companies: From bright young start-ups to established multinationals.

We also have a number of dynamic cities, where you can find hubs of some of the best research and educational institutes for AgriFood in the Netherlands, and world-wide. We’re powered by the brightest scientific and entrepreneurial talent, who have been attracted to the region by our wealth of knowledge and innovation. And our government offers favorable policies, and maintains a beneficial fiscal environment, to incentivize innovation within the region.

In short, together we make the optimum region to grow your AgriFood business in Europe.

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Our AgriFood expert, Joep de Vries, will be at Agritechina Hannover 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology. Will you be too? Let’s do business! Get in touch

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