Let's change the nature of chemistry.

The exterior coating of the Airbus 380 is made of base chemicals produced in the TopDutch region


Let's change the nature of chemistry 

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of chemical products and services, with more than 400 top chemical companies across the entire supply chain. In fact, 19 out of the 25 top chemical companies in the world maintain significant operations in the Netherlands.

The TopDutch region is home to Chemport Europe: our companies are the leading suppliers of green chemical products and services. Our renewable energy is provided by Gemini, one of the largest sea wind parks in the world. We turn excessive electricity into hydrogen, which is used as a green feedstock for our chemical processes. By using biomass feedstock, we are moving away entirely from fossil fuels. We are green hydrogen and green carbon based. We are investing to become CO2-negative by 2050!

The TopDutch region is where green chemical superheroes are educated. We are home to the University of Groningen, which has the best chemistry faculty of the Netherlands. We have the highest number and ranking of chemistry professors, including chemistry Nobel prize-winner Ben Feringa. Ben and his team are highly specialized in molecular nanotechnology. They were able to create the molecular ‘nanocar’, which holds great promise for many new applications at the tiniest possible, molecular level.

No other region in the world has a chemical sector that is so connected, collaborative and above all ambitious to change the nature of chemistry.  Are you ready to become a green chemical superhero? Join Chemport Europe in the TopDutch region.

Let’s see if there’s chemistry between us :)

The exterior coating of the Airbus 380 is made of base chemicals produced in the TopDutch region

Introducing Chemport Europe

At Chemport Europe you will find all the conditions to develop and flourish a sustainable future, because there’s chemistry between us: we closely work together, beyond physical chemical integration.

We are an active community, sharing ideas and co-developing opportunities for a sustainable chemical industry. We share bio-based materials, we share energy and we close the loop in our production chains. 

Together we are changing the nature of chemistry. Companies of Chemport Europe include AKZO Nobel, PPG, DOW, Teijin Aramid, Avantium, Lubrizol, ChemCom, DSM, Delamine and Zeolyst.

We Are Sustainable Chemistry

Chemport Europe works together towards a shared ambition: CO2-negative by 2050. The entire Chemport Europe industry cluster will only use renewable energy and raw materials by then. This makes us the ideal incubator for your renewable plants, test plants and research facilities. We have an ambitious three-points programs to achieve these goals:


With abundant wind and water, the TopDutch region unlocks your sustainable power potential. We are home to the Gemini sea wind park, one of the largest in the world. Using electrolysis, we generate hydrogen with excessive electricity and water. The hydrogen is used as a green base material for our chemical processes and for energy in our chemical processes.


If you use fossil fuels to power factories, you end up burning valuable carbons into the air. We turn this process upside down. All leftovers from our food production aren’t burned, we us this as the basis for carbons in our green chemical industry. We use crops to take CO2 out of the air and the product is high quality, green carbon fibers and polymers. Where other chemical plants produce CO2, CO2 is a base ingredient in Chemport Europe.


Imagine how much plastics end up in oceans and in our soil, or are being burned in power plants. Such a waste of our planet and such a waste of great carbon base materials. Chemport Europe is leading in plastic recycling and biodegradable plastics. We close the loop.

Why join Chemport Europe?

We offer all right ingredients for your sustainable chemistry business case:

  • Energy
    • The highest redundancy in energy supply
    • Local, sustainable energy
    • Direct link to large scale wind parks and power plants
    • Green hydrogen electrolysis opportunity


  • Feedstock
    • Guaranteed supply of green materials
    • Local production of sugar beet, potatoes, grass, grains, salt and water
    • Biomass import via our seaports


  • Active sector
    • Actively cooperating companies
    • Focus on sustainability: CO2-negative by 2050
    • Focus on intermediate chemicals
    • Focus on innovative polymers and fibers
    • Deeply integrated with government and universities


  • Infrastructure
    • Two main chemical cluster sites
    • Chain integration infrastructure
    • Exchange input, output and residuals
    • Steam, nitrogen, hydrogen, heat, etc.


  • Knowledge
    • Direct access to world renowned universities
    • University of Groningen, Hanze, Stenden, Van Hall, Larenstein, NHL, BERNN
    • Access to world class chemical research and researchers
    • Access to highly educated students and employees


  • Logistics
    • Strategically located seaports
    • The Dutch logistical mainports
    • Excellent connections by sea, rail, road and air


  • Finance
    • Availability of capital
    • Investments, credits and subsidies
    • Optimal fiscal climate
    • Quick decision-making and smooth permitting process

Is there chemistry between us?


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