Green Chemistry


Green Chemistry

Here, we will change the nature of chemistry.


Discover how our chemical industry cluster will be the first CO2-negative cluster in the world.

Time for an oil change: Chemport Europe is developing new green building blocks

Plastic drink bottles, LEGO bricks and mattresses – they're all petroleum-based. Of every twenty products manufactured worldwide, 19 depend on the chemical industry. And since we all learned at school that the chemical industry can't do without fossil fuels, it will come as no surprise that chemical companies are responsible for a quarter of all CO2 emissions. That's just the way it is. Or is it?
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Home to Chemport Europe

The TopDutch region is home to Chemport Europe. Our companies are leading suppliers of green chemical products and services. We turn excessive green electricity into hydrogen, which is used as a green building block in our chemical processes. The TopDutch region is moving away entirely from fossil fuels, becoming CO2-negative by 2050. No other region in the world has a chemical sector that is so connected, collaborative and above all ambitious to change the nature of chemistry. We share ideas and co-develop opportunities for a sustainable chemical industry. We share bio-based materials, we share energy and we close the loop in our production chains.


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