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The TopDutch Weekend Guide 13th-15th of December

The air is crisp. The sun is out. The fairy lights are everywhere. It’s a wonderful winter weekend in the TopDutch region! Make the most of the holiday feeling with some 'gezellig' activities with your family and friends this weekend. To help you, we’ve rounded up our top tips of the region. Enjoy!

For a classical Christmas


One of the most popular Christmas traditions for music lovers is watching the story of Jesus in Handel’s ‘Messiah’. The Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht is touring the Netherlands with their take on the piece, and are arriving in Groningen this weekend to bring some more classical Christmas sounds to the city.
Where? Nieuwe kerk, Groningen. When? 15th of December.

For the young adventurers

Alde Feanen Kids’ Walk

The Alde Feanen National Park is beautiful at the best of times, but this Friday let your kids experience it in a completely different way: Under the full moon. Get out the wellies and take an exciting guided walk through the swamp forest and reed fields. As the sun goes down and the full moon comes out, you can discover nocturnal animals like owls and bats that are difficult to find in the city.
Where? Alde Feanen National Park, Friesland. When? 13th of December.

For the Elvis fans

Elvis’ Greatest Hits at Christmas

Rock n Roll baby! This weekend enjoy the best hits from Elvis in Assen, played by the original musicians of Elvis Presley, assisted by young musicians and the widely-considered greatest Elvis tribute act Dwight Icenhower. And as it’s the Christmas season, enjoy some of the classics from his Christmas albums too.
Where? DNK, Assen. When? 14th of December.

For the petrol-heads

4x4 Party Drenthe

Do you love exploring the TopDutch nature off-road? This weekend discover 100 hectares of agriculture land and forests across Drenthe in your 4x4. And once you’ve tired yourself out through the challenging terrain, you can get together with your fellow enthusiasts with a barn party of food, music and festivities.
Where? Wijster, Drenthe. When? 14th of December.

For the sea-legs

WinterWelVaart Zoutkamp

Enjoy a cozy Christmas market on the harbor this weekend at Zoutkamp in the Province of Groningen. On board the ships on the quay, in the Fishery museum and across restaurants and cafés, discover two fun days of arts and culture. And as you’re exploring the beautiful village, find time to do some unique shopping at the markets selling yummy TopDutch delicacies, jewelry and cute gifts.
Where? Zoutkamp, Groningen, When? 14th and 15th of December.

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