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The TopDutch Weekend Guide 4-6th of October

Welcome to October, the month of falling leaves, Halloween and beer! This weekend there are all sorts of events in the TopDutch region, with something for everyone from festivals to art to wine. And if you’re feeling a bit of peace and quiet, this week our quaint Niehove was named the most beautiful village in the Netherlands, so how about a nice country walk to explore this protected historic town? Have fun!

For the wine lovers

Groningen Wine Festival

Wine, good company, beautiful setting, more wine… Sounds like a dream! This weekend the Groningen Wine Festival is making its annual trip to the Aa- kerk for three days of wine tasting. Proost!
Where? Aa-Kerk Groningen. When? 4th – 6th of October.

For the film fanatics

PLONS! International Short Documentary Film Festival

All aboard for the first edition of PLONS! International Short Documentary Film Festival in Leeuwarden. Over two days you can discover a range of international films that will be sure to make you think, cry, laugh or dream, and all on one of the most interesting art venues in Leeuwarden: Scheepsatelier Eestroom. All the non-Dutch films will be subtitled in English, so internationals can enjoy it too!
Where? Scheepsatelier Eestroom, Leeuwarden. When? 4th – 6th of October.

For the young adventurers

Outdoor Children's Festival

An afternoon of outdoor fun for the kids and an evening of tired-out, easy bedtimes for the adults? Sounds like a win-win to us! The Outdoor Children’s’ Festival is returning to Drenthe with all-sorts of activities from climbing to cooking to fire-fighting.
Where? Kampsheide. When? 6th of October.

For the aesthetes

Noorderlicht International Photography Festival

Since 1996 Noorderlicht International Photography Festival has brought (inter)national photography talent to the Northern Netherlands. This year’s offering is themed ‘taxed to the max’ which explores the social tensions caused by extreme wealth and corporatism in the everyday world. On Sunday, the festival opens until December, with live performances and discussions with the artists.
Where? Across the province of Groningen. When? Starting 6th of October.

For the pop partiers

Choir of Man

Known globally as “the ultimate feel-good show”, the Choir of Man showcases some incredibly talented (and handsome) British lads for a ‘pub-crawl concert’ of everyone’s favorite pop, Broadway and rock numbers. This weekend they’re touring the Northern Netherlands: Friday in Assen and Saturday in Leeuwarden.
Where? Theter DNK (Assen) and Stadsschowburg De Harmonie (Leeuwarden). When? 4th and 5th of October.

For the wannabe politicians

Standup Economics Festival

Brexit, the US – China trade war, ageing populations. No laughing matter…or are they? Comedy Central, a number of Dutch publications and TopDutch knowledge institutions have come together to organize ‘Standup Economics Festival’, where you can learn about and debate economics, in a lighthearted way. Enjoy an afternoon of shows hosted by some of the best Dutch-language comedians and TopDutch economic experts.
Where? Across Groningen city center. When? 6th of October.

For something a bit different

Westerbork Living Statues Championship

Enjoy an evening stroll through the forest of Westerbork this Saturday and check the iconic statues. The catch? The statues are alive! The Living Statue Festival Westerbork celebrates the art of street performance, with performers young and old donning metallic paint and competing to be the best living statue in Drenthe.
Where? Westerbork. When? 5th of October.

For the (big) kids

Drone Festival Assen

Kids and big kids alike, there’s something for all ages in the biggest drone festival in Europe, taking place at the TT circuit in Assen this weekend. Whether you’re an experienced flier, and want to join in the dramatic drone races, or you’re more interested in watching demonstrations about how drones are used by professionals like the army and the police, it’s set to be a breath-catching day!
Where? TT circuit, Assen. When? 5th of October.

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