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TopDutch region presents hydrogen ambition at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

Only by working together on a large scale, can the transition from fossil fuels to green energy be realized. Hydrogen plays a crucial role in that energy transition.

That was the TopDutch region’s message at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 (GES2019), the annual international event for entrepreneurs, initiated by the United States. From June 3rd to June 5th, the GES2019 was hosted in The Hague: The first GES on European soil. During the event, entrepreneurs; the provincial governments; and educational institutes from the TopDutch region showed their mutual commitment to develop a large-scale green hydrogen economy.

TopDutch Hydrogen Alliance

TopDutch presents itself

The TopDutch plans were presented to an international audience. At the residence of the US ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra  - who was born in the Northern Netherlands - partners of the TopDutch Hydrogen Alliance advocated and explained the urgent necessity for the development of a green hydrogen economy. Furthermore, they showed why the TopDutch region is highly suited to be the birthplace of that economy.

The region also hosted a networking session, GES@TheBeach. And on GES2019’s final day, at the main stage, Regional Minister Patrick Brouns pitched the hydrogen ambitions of the Northern Netherlands to a group of investors and policy makers.

Join us

Call to companies

International companies were also invoked by the representatives from the TopDutch region present at GES2019 to establish locations of their companies in the North of the Netherlands, both at the GES TopDutch side events and at the summit itself. Join us, because only when we commit on a large scale, can the green hydrogen economy be developed to its full potential.

New relations were born

The result?

Existing contacts were strengthened and new relations were born. Already, multiple companies expressed their interest in investing or establishing in the TopDutch region. In particular, companies from the United States, GES’ initiator, showed great interest in doing business.

Ambitious program

‘We want to be the right example. That’s why we developed an ambitious program for the energy transition’, says Regional Minister Nienke Homan. ‘Hydrogen plays an important role in that transition. We have to change the entire production chain if we want to achieve something. With the use of green hydrogen, that is possible.’ Hydrogen can be used as fuel and feedstock for (chemical) industries, besides being an energy carrier and/or a fuel cell, explained Homan.

Large scale application

Hydrogen Investment Agenda

The TopDutch region recently presented the Hydrogen Investment Agenda. In the coming twelve years, regional governments and companies will invest 2.8 billion euros in the large scale application of sustainably generated hydrogen.

Networking with American companies, investors and government representatives during the lunch in the garden of the Residence
Regional Minister of Economic Affairs (Province of Groningen), Patrick Brouns, welcomes international guests at the GES@TheBeach networking event
Patrick Brouns, pitching the TopDutch Hydrogen Alliance at the GES Summit
The opening word for the private hydrogen meeting was given by Nienke Homan, Regional Minister of Energy & Climate (Province of Groningen)
Special cocktail for the occasion: the TopDutch HydroGin Cocktail

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