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Bakschik Martirosian, entrepreneur and founder of BMTEC

Without people, the TopDutch region wouldn’t thrive. Who are our young entrepreneurial and scientific talents? To give you a taste, let us introduce to you: Bakschik Martirosian, entrepreneur and founder of BMTEC, the company that can cut plastics with precision.

It took a while before Bakschik Martirosian got where he is at today, but ‘it’s exactly where I thought I would go’. Ever since he walked into his first class of vocational education, he knew he would found a production company. He knew he was born to become an entrepreneur; the idea never left his mind. ‘And now I have a business.’ One that ships over 100,000 semi-finished products per week to its customers in all corners of the world.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneur in life and limb

BMTEC is located in Emmen, in the south of the TopDutch region. The company specializes in the laser cutting of plastics; mainly technical plastics for mechanical engineering. ‘We make plastic parts that are used in packaging machines, for example those with which you can pack fruit and vegetables’, says Martirosian. ‘We are also involved in shipbuilding and provide to luxury yacht building companies. And companies like Shell, VDL and Honeywell are also our customers.’

Martirosian founded his company in June 2013. ‘I saw a laser machine when I did an internship in my second studies, mechanical engineering, and thought: We can do much more with that. In my head, small links started to form about how to use a laser machine in mechanical engineering, to produce technical semi-finished products.’

Within 7 years, Martirosian expanded his company from 1 to 12 employees, and with its 8 laser machines, became the largest of its sort in the Netherlands. It’s due, in part, to his fascination for production. ‘It's great to see that you can make so much out of raw materials and that those makes go all over the world. And everything is developed by human beings. People like you and me.’

Added to this passion is the fact that a challenge doesn’t scare Martirosian. ‘If other people can build a business, so can I. I created a chance to build my own company.’ And he did. ‘People say it went fast. I’m always occupied with the next step for my business. I could’ve gone faster and have done things differently, but that’s when I look back.’

Bakschik Martirosian, Founder of BMTEC

Supporting goals

Developing entrepreneurial skills in the TopDutch region

That the TopDutch region is a good place for talents to develop their skills, is no longer a secret. For Martirosian, the region provided various initiatives to develop his entrepreneurship.

The BMTEC team has grown from 1 to 12 employees

For example, he followed De Noorderlingen: a business minor teaching the skills to build a company, developed by the region’s three higher professional education institutions NHL Stenden, Van Hall Larenstein and Hanze Universities of Applied Sciences. A unique program, which is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands. ‘In my Mechanical Engineering studies, I never had one business course. So, a world opened up for me when I started De Noorderlingen.’ Martirosian was surrounded by people that were already entrepreneurs, for example the business coaches that the minor provides. ‘Those are the people I want to learn from. The entrepreneurs that made it already. One thing I've learned: Never take anything from someone who hasn't achieved anything yet.’

Besides entrepreneurial skills, the TopDutch region provides plenty of other initiatives for entrepreneurs to expand their business. 

Martirosian participated in the Export Carousel, for example. ‘I wanted to expand my business by exporting to Germany. The Export Carousel provided me with a group of students that investigated the market, as well as my market readiness for me. The TopDutch region is really good in helping entrepreneurs to grow.’

Those are the people I want to learn from. The entrepreneurs that made it already.

Bakschik Martirosian, founder of BMTEC

Future vision

Plastics in the future

What about the future? How do the ever-increasing calls to banish plastics, the dream product with nightmare consequences, affect BMTEC? Martirosian’s answer is clear: ‘What we’re using is way different than disposable plastics and plastics for packaging. In technical engineering, one can mostly not work without technical plastics. Other materials like metals or aluminum are usually not suitable.’ Plastics are lighter in weight, more durable, see-through, heath-resisting, not affected by chemicals and don’t oxidize or rust, for example. ‘Plus, you need way less energy to edit plastics, which is more environment friendly.’

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