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Eelkje Oldenburger of HempFlax

Hemp. Commonly known as a material for clothing, but the possibilities for this versatile crop are so much more. Construction material, dashboards, health care products, stable bedding, biocomposite, the list goes on. Students from the Hanze University of Applied Science, together with multinational industry and governing bodies, are designing innovative applications for hemp to stimulate the biobased economy.

About the project

Hemp Design Factory

Our friends at Northern Knowledge talked to Eelkje Oldenburger, TopDutch talent and Managing Director at hemp supplier HempFlax. The company are striving to take the hemp material for applications across all industries as part of the future biobased economy. Together with interdisciplinary students from the TopDutch region, they are part of the Hemp Design Factory, who are researching uses for hemp one could barely dream of. Curious to find out more? Read her inspiring interview with Northern Knowledge.

About Northern Knowledge

Northern Knowledge – an initiative of the University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences – shows how and where knowledge from the affiliated institutes is of added value for the Northern Netherlands and for society as a whole. Our knowledge institutes collaborate closely with businesses, governments and social organizations. We offer a showcase for the innovation and entrepreneurship evolving from these collaborations, in which the Northern Netherlands distinguishes itself.