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The young, talented team of Ivy Medical

Picture the scene of a hospital. What do you see? Likely at least a few patients, walking around pushing an IV pole. But why should that be the norm? Infusion poles are big and clumsy, and can make patients feel less inclined to move, or simply embarrassed to be seen with. Ivy Medical are changing the way we think about IV.

About Ivy Medical

Ivy Medical (previously IV Wear) are a young team of students and new graduates, who came together as a coincidence. During a class on entrepreneurship at the University of Groningen, two students - Melcher Frankema, who studied Private Law and medic Maximilian Heintzen – saw an image of a wearable infusion bag. They couldn’t let it go, so instead they decided to make something out of it. How do you go from an image on a whiteboard to producing a life-changing technology? Discover via our friends at Northern Knowledge.

About Northern Knowledge

Northern Knowledge – an initiative of the University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences – shows how and where knowledge from the affiliated institutes is of added value for the Northern Netherlands and for society as a whole. Our knowledge institutes collaborate closely with businesses, governments and social organizations. We offer a showcase for the innovation and entrepreneurship evolving from these collaborations, in which the Northern Netherlands distinguishes itself.