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The young entrepreneurial team of Envitron

When we think about the energy transition, we often think of the transition to renewable fuels. That’s a massive challenge. But what about what each of us can do right now in our own homes? Playing our own part can feel difficult, but a young team of TopDutch entrepreneurs developed a solution to make the most out of the energy we do use in our home. Making energy smarter.

Rein Schuil (l) and Thijs de Jonge of Envitron (Photo: Pepijn van den Broeke)
About the project

Making the most of energy

Envitron started off as a group of friends, on a boat, doing repairs and drinking a few beers. A few years later these friends are now business partners, and providing smart solutions to businesses and homes in order to help them understand what their energy use patterns are, and thus how to make savings or smarter choices. How did they get there? A tale of determination, competitions, and a little help from the TopDutch region.

About Northern Knowledge

Northern Knowledge – an initiative of the University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences – shows how and where knowledge from the affiliated institutes is of added value for the Northern Netherlands and for society as a whole. Our knowledge institutes collaborate closely with businesses, governments and social organizations. We offer a showcase for the innovation and entrepreneurship evolving from these collaborations, in which the Northern Netherlands distinguishes itself.

The article on the Northern Knowledge site was written by Jean Paul Taffijn