Why invest?

Our rich history of international trading led us to the healthy, open and stable economy we are today. We are a small country, but the Netherlands is a great place for doing business. We have the most competitive economy in Europe and the sixth best globally. We are the world’s most connected country, offer excellent education on different levels, have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, rank second on the global innovation index, and we know our languages. In the TopDutch region, we are ready to welcome you and show you the advantages of living and doing business here.

why invest

Snapshot of today’s economy

GDP & prosperity
In the Netherlands we have a high GDP per capita compared to our fellow EU countries. And furthermore, here in the TopDutch region we exhibit the same growth trends as the country as a whole, while having a lower cost of living. We’re in a very good place!


Our demographics 
The TopDutch region’s population has a good mix of experience and youth. From fresh young graduates to established professionals, and everybody in between; businesses have a broad spectrum of talent to work with. Anybody who comes to join us here will feel right at home in our vibrant, all-inclusive region.


Our key industries

[TODO - Block industries]

An economy in transition
Our global economy is undergoing a large-scale transformation. Old industries need deep restructuring and new industries are constantly arising. In the TopDutch region, we believe the future economy will be green and digital, where talent is key to unlock and develop the future. That's why we’re committed to making green and digital solutions to global economic, social and ecological challenges. And there’s plenty of room to join us. 

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The Netherlands is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to EVs.

Arcadis Global Electric Vehicle Catalyst Index 2021
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