The purpose region


The purpose region

Global challenges

Access to safe food, safe water, renewable energy and protection against flooding are among the 17 UN global challenges.

Civil unrest in the world is often related to a lack of basic necessities of life: safety, shelter, food and water. The better their availability, the safer people feel and the less civil unrest there is. Stable countries like the Netherlands have benefited from this upward spiral for decades, where other countries are still in a negative spiral. Fortunately, more and more people in the world are getting access to basic necessities, better health-care, education and labor. According to the United Nations, there are 17 global challenges to solve.

We are necessities of life

Food, water, energy, internet and safety.

As the agricultural, water management, green and digital center of the Netherlands, the TopDutch region has set itself the ambition to resolve some of the major UN global challenges. Combined with the Dutch superior logistical knowledge and infrastructure, we have so much to offer to the world: agricultural efficiency, renewable energy, protection against flooding and more. We provide knowledge, products and services to make the world safer and healthier. And we are looking for companies that add value to our purpose-driven ecosystem.

We are a new generation

We are purpose driven.

Millennials don’t just want to work for successful companies. They want to work with companies that make a difference. Our new generation has access to all necessities of life, and also has everything to fulfill its desires; it is looking for this added value. Our purpose-driven economy attracts international talent. Tap into the talent of over 85,000 talented students in our region.

We are safe food

Did you know that in many countries people don’t trust their own food because of pesticides, other contaminations and unreliable food suppliers? 

In the TopDutch region we have a unique food supply chain, with full traceability of every ingredient, down to the source. Our yields are the highest in the world, and our use of pesticides is the lowest. Thanks to our food production efficiency and traceability, fast-growing countries including China and India import vast amounts of high-quality baby milk power, for example. We are proud to feed the new generations of the world.

We are safe drinking water

Water is life and health.

On our planet, two billion people have no access to clean drinking water. This affects their health, shortens lives and people die because of infected water. The TopDutch region has the cleanest, purest drinking water. Our advanced filtering and purification technologies have helped people all over the world to get access to safe drinking water.

We are digital safety

Access to the Internet is a basic necessity of life.

The Internet has brought democratization everywhere. Thanks to the Internet, people are more connected, more informed and better educated than ever before. In this modern age, access to the Internet is a necessity of life. Everything is connected to the Internet. This makes the world vulnerable as well. What if your logistics, roads, trains or power networks are attacked remotely? The TopDutch region is a leader in cybersafety, protecting companies, infrastructures and governments against cyberattacks. 

We are safety against flooding

Water defines us.

Living in the European delta, water simply defines us. The continuous struggle of the Netherlands against water over many centuries has helped us learn to manage water levels, build intelligent dikes, and claim land from the sea. Yes, over half our country lies meters below sea level; we actually live on the bottom of the sea. In the TopDutch region you will find ancient ‘terpen’, man-made mounds on top of which farm houses and villages were built, next to the most modern water-pumping stations and advanced dikes full of sensors. Flooding is a major risk for vast populations around the globe, and our knowledge and technologies are renowned for providing people with a safe place to live. Even on the bottom of the sea.