We Are Chemical Superheroes


We Are Chemical Superheroes

Oh no! Fossil fuels are depleting and the world is burning up valuable carbons into the atmosphere! No worries, TopDutch superheroes save the day.

We are green chemistry

Changing the nature of chemistry.

Today, most chemical processes have fossil origins. The energy used for chemical processing is also fossil based. If you can start with green ingredients, you define the rest of the chemistry value chain. With abundant green raw materials, sustainable energy and an active sustainable chemical sector without fossil players, the TopDutch region is the region of green chemical heroes. 

There's chemistry between us

Love for chemistry. Love for our planet. 

The chemistry between our companies goes beyond physical chemical integration. We form an active community, sharing ideas and co-developing opportunities for a sustainable chemical world. TopDutch green chemical companies work closely together to use bio-based materials, share energy and close the loop in their production chains.

Chemical superheroes

Our combined superpowers make us invincible.

Our sustainable chemistry companies work closely together with our universities. Together we educate new chemical superheroes. The chemistry between us goes beyond your average chemical innovation. Take professor Ben Feringa for instance. He and his team are specialized in specializing in molecular nanotechnology. Feringa was awarded with the Nobel prize in chemistry, for the design and synthesis of molecular machines. They make moving machines on a molecular level. How awesome is that?!

Join our sustainable ecosystem

Are you going to be a chemical superhero?

We have exciting jobs for you. Are you looking for the best locations for your factories and test labs? Look no further. The TopDutch sustainable ecosystem offers the space, the energy, the availability of biobased feedstock, base chemicals and chemical partners at the Chemport Europe locations.