We Are Cyberspace


We Are Cyberspace

TopDutch is the fastest growing region in terms of digital economic development, cybersafety, datacenters and digital education.

We are cybersafety, 5G and blockchain

Welcome to the future.

Our unique 5G field lab covers both urban and rural areas and is open to anyone interested in developing applications for 5G. You can develop and test the newest services on 5G ahead of anyone else. Beat your market by two years. We are home to the largest Blockchain Hackathon in the world, resulting in a massive spinoff of disruptive companies producing blockchain technologies. Our cybersafety companies help protect banks, governments and the largest internet companies in the world against digital attacks. 

We are the digital region

Welcome to cyberspace.

We are home to the fastest growing digital companies in Europe. Our companies are leading in the European Deloitte Fast 500. Within a very short period, young and ambitious entrepreneurs have invented a billion-euro industry. Take Catawiki for instance, with 45,000% growth in just five years.

We are the digital ecosystem

Young and digital.

Our internet companies aren’t just minding their own business. The city of Groningen is the youngest city in Europe. Young people feel where the future is going. Young people are digital. This resulted in a very active startup scene with active entrepreneurs, employees and students working on the next big thing. We are a few years ahead. Welcome to the future. 

We are the digital mainport

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution.

The D of your company’s DNA should stand for Digital. If you don’t digitize your business, you won’t survive. In the TopDutch region, we are using our internet skills and talent to modernize the energy, water, food, logistics, chemistry, health and high-tech industries to make them ready for the future.

We run your data centers

Green Dataport Europe.

According to leading global internet companies such as Google, TopDutch Green Dataport Europe is the best location for European data centers. An ideal mix of energy sources guarantees abundant and green power. We have the best redundant power grid. Important Atlantic and European high speed global internet connections terminate here, with direct access to the largest IXs in the world. Our moderate climate means less cooling costs. Our digital talent operates your data center.

We are your European headquarters

Guangzhou – San Francisco – Dokkum.

The Netherlands is the most logical country to setup your European headquarters. The TopDutch region is the most logical place. Building your HQ in the region does not only give you access to the most talented internet-savvy students, your company will also become part of an active and vibrant digital scene. Your employees will find our cultural offerings overwhelming, they will love our nature landscapes, they will find homes that are large and affordable and they will discover we have international schools for their children.

We are digital education

Our children are the future.

One of the results of our active digital scene is digital education. We teach children at primary school to program code before they learn English. Our universities have leading programs in cybersafety, artificial intelligence and digital programming. Our students can enroll in digital crossover programs with, for instance, Marketing and Economics. Recently, our internet entrepreneurs and the University of Groningen launched the Digital Business Centre to attract international talent and train them in digital business.

We are digital innovation

Invent the future.

Did you know that Bluetooth was invented in the TopDutch region? We also invented the algorithms for WiFi. The very first live stream in the world was produced here. And we are home to the world’s first antivirus technology. IBM Watson could not have been developed without the scale challenges we solved for our ASTRON astronomy services. These are just some examples of how the TopDutch region has changed the world for the better, digitally.

We digitize the world

Time travel exists. Come to the TopDutch region.

It is our ambition to use our digital skills to modernize other industries. We are actively introducing internet technologies and digital skills to resolve global challenges in terms of food, water, shelter, green energy, health and many other industries. It is this ambition that drives us to innovate. It also helps our industries commercialize their success globally. Plus, we need more kitten gifs. The world can never have enough kitten gifs.

Join our digital revolution!

Are you interested in working in the best digital scene of the Netherlands?

Are you looking for a location for your data center or European headquarters? Contact us now and become a proud member of our digital TopDutch ecosystem. Travel to the future, welcome to cyberspace! (DeLorean not included)