We Are Space


We Are Space

Expand your horizon in the TopDutch region.

We are logistics

We are space to grow.

The Netherlands is the logistical Mainport between Europe and the rest of the world. Over 900 American and Asian distribution centers are located in the Netherlands alone. We have the largest seaport of the Western world, and our airports, roads, waterways and railroads are among the most modern of the world. Within 24 hours you can reach 170 million consumers. We are even the starting point of the ambitious new Chinese silk road trading and logistical infrastructure.

We are new logistics

Drones, autonomous mobility, renewable power and digital warehousing.

Being the European growth region for logistics, we embrace new technologies that help move logistics forward. For instance, we are heavily investing in renewable energy for mobility, through electrification and hydrogen. Our airport is the only one in Europe with a drone zone, so you can test and implement the latest airborne delivery technologies. With our space and roads, we are the ideal region to test new autonomous transportation technologies. With our unique urban and rural 5G coverage, we are ahead and ready for a digital and green future for logistics.

We are space

Space for business, space for growth, space for ideas.

The ever growing market of logistics and distribution needs space and that is exactly what the TopDutch region has to offer: we are space, not outer space. We are strategically located with traffic-jam free highways, railways and waterways to important European markets including Germany, the UK, Scandinavia and the Baltics. Expand your horizon in the TopDutch region.

Let's conquer the world!

Did you know that many global challenges can actually be solved through logistics? Together we can bring our abundant food and water and other necessities of life to the world. Can your company expand our logistical ecosystem? Are you looking for new logistical research facilities? Contact us now and become a proud member of the TopDutch logistics ecosystem. We Are Space! (Man!)