We Are #TopDutch


We Are #TopDutch

Space to grow

We are the green metropolis

The TopDutch region offers the best of both worlds: a vibrant metropolis in the middle of beautiful nature.

With 17 million people in a country 1/3 the size of the state of New York, the Netherlands is one large vibrant metropolis in the middle of Europe’s most beautiful river delta. With all its beaches, lakes, forests, islands and inspirational horizons, the TopDutch region is the most beautiful part of the Netherlands. Welcome to the Green Metropolis.

We are space

To grow your business you need space. The TopDutch region offers just that.

Acres and acres of land, and sea as far as the eye can see. We have the space for your companies. We have lots of physical space. Our digital space is unlimited. But what is of equal importance: we offer space for entrepreneurs to dream, develop and grow. Expand your horizon in the TopDutch region.

We are nature

The TopDutch region is home to the World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea.

In the Wadden Sea maritime conservation area, we’ve created a shining example of how nature can thrive alongside innovative sustainable energy production and high-tech companies. We care for our environment, as it provides us with the natural resources, clean air and horizons we need to prosper.

We are nearby

In the Netherlands, everything is just around the corner.

Everything you need can be found within a two-hour drive or train ride: nature, infrastructure, companies, universities and vibrant cities. We are within easy reach of London, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Stockholm and Copenhagen, by car, train or plane. Oh, and we are close to Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well ;)

We are necessities of life

The world needs our safe food, safe water, safe infrastructures and digital safety.

Everything is energy. Without the advanced agricultural, water and energy production in the TopDutch region, The Netherlands would not be able to thrive. We have the cleanest drinking water in the world. We have the highest yield in agricultural and dairy production in the world. Our green and digital programs prepare our industries to solve important global challenges.

We are wealth

Wealth is not just money.

We are not denying that the Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world. And yet money is not everything. According to research, the TopDutch region ranks first in wealth, not just because of income, but also because of safety, quality of public services, education, healthcare, fresh air, nature, culture and affordable housing. Add friendly, open people and purpose-driven, challenging jobs and you have all the elements that together define wealth in the TopDutch region.

We are happy

Dutch people are among the happiest people on the planet. TopDutch people are among the happiest in the Netherlands.

The economic and political stability and the abundant availability of all necessities of life in the Netherlands give us all the freedom we need to solve the world’s problems. We value both a strong work ethic and time to enjoy our country’s rich cultural and natural heritage with family and friends. In the TopDutch region, we have challenging jobs, nature and vibrant cities. Yes we are happy. Now if only our humor was as good as that of the Germans!