We Are Vibrant


We Are Vibrant

“Your companies need space. Your people need a great place to live.”

We are urban

The TopDutch region has vibrant cities such as Groningen and Leeuwarden. Amsterdam is just around the corner.

Whether you want to enjoy culture, sports or social activities: life is good here. You can find affordable housing, great international schools and the lowest crime rates. The people of Groningen are among the happiest in Europe.

We are culture

Our heritage is breathtaking, from ancient archeological sites to modern art exhibits.

Culturally we have so much to offer. Whether you want to party all night long, go to dance clubs, festivals, rock concerts or enjoy classical music, theatre, architecture and art: we have it all, including excellent restaurants and hotels. So many other Dutch and European cities are nearby. The TopDutch region ranks the highest in cultural offerings in the Netherlands.

We are nature

Beaches, forests, lakes, islands, pastures and horizons.

Besides the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea and its beautiful islands with dunes and beaches, The TopDutch region has many lakes and forests – great places for recreation and leisure. We are the Green Metropolis.

We are fast

Many international companies choose the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe.

Global companies want to do business and we want them to do business. Our government is committed to fast procedures and you will experience that we deal fast. Because that is what we are: traders, pioneers, entrepreneurs. Deal makers.

We are sports

We have the perfect climate and landscape for running, cycling and swimming.

Our region is perfect for sailing, wind surfing and ice skating in winter. We have professional sports facilities and professional tennis, hockey, basketball and soccer teams. Our TT race track is extremely popular. Yes we really skate to our work.