We Are Water


We Are Water

Water is life. Water is health. Water is nature. Water is energy. Water is business. Water for the world.

We are water

“God created the world and the Dutch created the Netherlands.”

The Netherlands is Europe’s delta, with beautiful rivers, lakes, wetlands, swamps and the sea. Our history, our way of thinking and our culture are defined by water. We reclaimed land from the sea. In our “polders” we live on the bottom of the sea, sometimes as much as six meters below sea level.

Water is scary

Water is what defines us.

Storms and flooding: water can destroy people’s lives, cities, even entire economies. For centuries, the Dutch have battled against the water and have prevailed. Our ancestors built ‘terpen’: artificial dwelling mounds that provided land safe from flooding. Our fight against water forced us to work together and innovate. Our knowledge of protection against water is world leading. We protect millions of people against flooding. We can literally build your country and protect it from the sea.

Water is health

We call ourselves carbon life forms, yet 70% of the human body is water.

Two billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. The TopDutch region has the purest and safest drinking water in the world, thanks to refined renewable water cleaning technologies. Water is abundantly available here, while vast areas of the world are structurally suffering from drought. It is our dream to help the world with our leading water filtering, irrigation and distribution solutions.

Water is nature

Stunning landscapes in the Green Metropolis.

The TopDutch region is the most beautiful part of the Netherlands, with our UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, our lakes, meandering streams, green forests, wetlands and vast canal structures. Walk or sail to our islands with white sandy dunes and beaches. Hike or bike in our forests, with their hidden treasures: Dolmen (‘hunebedden’) are ancient megalithic tombs. Enjoy our heaths with their many peat lakes. Expand your horizon in the TopDutch region.

Water is energy

From fossil to green hydrogen.

The sun, wind and water are unlimited and free resources in the TopDutch region. The combination of these three is extremely exciting. With the rapid growth in solar and wind power, the business case for green hydrogen is getting closer and closer. We are not just investing in hydrogen as an energy battery, we are not just using hydrogen for our buses, garbage trucks and cars, we are also using green hydrogen as a base ingredient for our chemical production, replacing fossil-based hydrogen.

Water is business

Water Management is global business.

Water defines us. It therefore speaks for itself that the TopDutch region is a global leader in shipbuilding, delta and environmental protection, water treatment and irrigation. You will find TopDutch companies all over the world, helping local governments with protection against water, irrigation and water purification.

Water for the world

If the Dutch can part the North Sea, think of what we could do together with you! Become part of our water ecosystem and help us bring fresh drinking water to the world: we are looking for companies to extend our ecosystem and we are hiring international talent. Contact us now for opportunities to build your European headquarters and purification labs in the TopDutch region.