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We are TopDutch: the home of top Dutch business ecosystems. With bold ambitions and innovative solutions, the TopDutch region has the potential to change the world. Join us.

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Working in the AgriFood, Digital Innovation, Green Energy, Green Chemistry, Life Sciences & Health, or WaterTech industry, and does your organization contribute to the transitions?

Put your company on the map!

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The Northern Netherlands is leading system-level transitions across our region’s key industries, including green energy, green chemistry, digital innovation, WaterTech, life sciences and health and AgriFood. Do you contribute to the transitions? Show the world how you’re changing it.

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TopDutch helps existing initiatives and local networks, so that we can pinpoint what’s needed in the region with surgical precision. And with that, it allows us to set up targeted campaigns to convince all the right people and connect them with all the right local networks and initiatives. Are you located in the Northern Netherlands? Join us!

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The best way to predict the future? To create it together.

TopDutch is the region where we work towards a healthy and fair future. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone. Where we already have all the ingredients. Where we have the guts to think big, by being down-to-earth. Where there is the drive to work together, so that we can grow together. Are you an ambassador for the TopDutch region? Join us.

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TopDutch puts the Northern Netherlands on the map. TopDutch is the economic region of the Northern Netherlands, spanning the three provinces at the top of the country: Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Naturally leading the transition.

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