Student housing

Ready to start your student life in the TopDutch region? Next step: finding a house!


Reitdiephaven, Groningen ©Stella Dekker Fotografie

Finding a house in Groningen

Having been voted the best student city in the Netherlands, Groningen is a very popular city and thus finding a room can be challenging. However, the TopDutch region is committed to helping international students settle in, and therefore have organised a website where you can search for rooms, find out information about contracts and applying for social housing. You can check it out here

Finding the right neighbourhood
The city of Groningen consists of various neighborhoods, making it easy for you to find a new neighborhood to feel at home in. While most places can be easily reached by bike or public transportation, when choosing where to live, it’s worthwhile to check out where your faculty is located and consider your individual preferences and budget. A student’s guide to Groningen’s neighborhoods can be found here.

Finding a house in Leeuwarden, Emmen, Assen and Meppel

NHL Stenden and Van Hall Larenstein have an agreement with international student housing provider All students in Emmen and Meppel are guaranteed accommodation with them, and all non-EU students in Leeuwarden are guaranteed accommodation with them.

Finding a house online

There are also plenty of online platforms available to help you search for a room, such as Funda, Pararius or Kamernet. You may also want to check out Facebook groups for housing and international students. Be aware of scammers, and don’t despair; finding housing can be challenging and you may have to contact a whole lot of people, but it’s doable!