Known as the region of talent, TopDutch is home to an ever increasing number of both scientific and entrepreneurial talents. Who are the smart innovators of the TopDutch? What are their stories? And why do they feel the TopDutch region is such a good place to become great? Read all about their journeys and get inspired.

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From kindergarten to retirement, TopDutch talents are constantly developing

Already in elementary school, our children foster an exploratory spirit and independent thinking with our ‘learn through play’ mentality. At the same time, they’re learning multiple languages as a child, which is why 90% of our adults are fluent in English, and many in other major languages such as German, French or Spanish.

Once they’ve grown to adolescence, our 130,000+ annual TopDutch students gain access to the 2nd best higher education system in Europe. Here, they can choose between our world-renowned research universities, universities of applied sciences, and vocational education, depending on what type of skills they desire and the sort of career they’d like to develop. The curated mix of educational levels complement each other, with different expertise working together to optimize output.

After graduation, our talents are still developing; with companies, government and education working together in order to support innovation. Their hard work made us the 2nd most innovative country worldwide: Number 1 ranking in business sophistication, number 2 ranking in knowledge & technology outputs and number 3 ranking in creative outputs.

So what can we learn from the region of talent? Here, we’re shining a light on our top talents; exploring their journeys and how their backgrounds and experiences in the TopDutch region have made them leaders in their particular industries.

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