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Setting up business in a foreign country can bring about great benefits. But it also means taking on a host of new challenges. Our professionals in finance, location, business development and networking are here to give businesses from around the world a helping hand. Welcome to the TopDutch region!

Our organization

About NV NOM

NV NOM is the investment and development agency for the Northern Netherlands. The NOM FDI team offers foreign organizations support for the (re)location of business in the TopDutch region. They’ll provide you with all the information and services your business needs to make the most of our advantageous location.

Our services

What we can do for you

To save you precious time and effort, NOM is here to provide initial advice on everything that’s relevant to setting up your business in the TopDutch region.


  • Financial
  • Taxation
  • Subsidies
  • Funding opportunities
  • Regulatory
  • Customs regulations
  • National and regional laws
  • Regulations and permits
  • Market
  • Workforce
  • Finding talent
  • Visa requirements

Our process

What to expect?


1. Get in touch
Through our TopDutch contact page, by email or direct to your dedicated industry project manager, get in touch to start the conversation.

2. Receive industry bidbook
Once you’ve confirmed you are interested in more information about investment in the region, we’ll be happy to send our industry specific bidbook to you.

3. Alignment meeting
We’ll schedule a meeting with your team and our regional dedicated project team to identify your needs and align objectives.

4. Receive company-specific bidbook
Now we understand your objectives, we’ll provide you with a bidbook tailored to your company’s needs. 

5. Fact-finding trip
We’ll schedule a fact-finding trip in our region for your team to introduce you to relevant useful contacts in both the private and public sector and organize visits for site locations.

6. Investor roundtable
For investments requiring partnerships and co-investment, we’ll organize an investor roundtable with relevant key decision-makers.

7. Kick-start business development
Once you’ve confirmed you’ve reached a decision to invest in our region, we’ll kickstart your business development process so you’ll fully benefit from our fast procedures.

Our team

Who to contact?

Below you can find the contact details of our FDI project managers. Call us, send a WhatsApp message or send an email: Getting in touch has never been this easy. It only takes a minute!

The TopDutch region