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Are you looking for the right place to locate your innovative company? Whether you’re in need of specific R&D activities, or ready to springboard into the European market, TopDutch is the green, talented and digital region for your next business development. Find out more about our economy, key industries and what we can do for you.

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Some frequently asked questions:

FAQ Frequently asked questions

To save you precious time and effort, NOM is here to provide initial advice on everything that’s relevant to setting up your business in the TopDutch region.


  • Financial
  • Taxation
  • Subsidies
  • Funding opportunities
  • Regulatory
  • Customs regulations
  • National and regional laws
  • Regulations and permits
  • Market
  • Workforce
  • Finding talent
  • Visa requirements

From pre-seed to scale-up, our services and programs support entrepreneurial talent to take the first step, inviting promising internationals to join us, and facilitating their development via incubators and training. We offer:

  • Start-up Readiness Program (TRL 1-3)
  • Venture Lab North (TRL 1-3)
  • Start-up in Residence (TRL 4-6)
  • Market Readiness Program (TRL 6-9)
  • Investor Readiness Program  (start-ups)
  • Bestart (start-ups)
  • Boost-up (scale-ups)

Yes! The Start-Up Visa NL program is a unique accelerator program that allows the brightest entrepreneurial talent from non-EU/EEA countries to start-up in the TopDutch region.

  • Founders can live and work on their start-up in the Netherlands for one year, with support of expert facilitators from their industry.
  • After one year, they may then apply for a further self-employment residence permit, which is gained through a points-based system

If you speak English, you probably won’t have difficulties talking with TopDutch people; we have the highest population of non-native English speakers in Europe.

In the Northern Netherlands, we’ve set up a platform especially for companies and international talent to connect, post/apply for jobs and network: no Dutch, no problem! Find out more at 

Here in the TopDutch region we like to work hard and play hard. Time is money in our culture, so we like to get straight to business in meetings. But once the work is done, many Dutch companies like to socialize together in a borrel, meaning after-work drinks, where we relax together with our colleagues.

Being a country with one of the lowest power-distances in the world, the hierarchy here may seem a little funny when you first arrive here. Bosses and interns alike are all part of the team, and everyone is expected to work independently.