Key industries

The TopDutch region is a collection of interconnected, purpose-driven and people-powered ecosystems that are committed to finding green and digital solutions for global economic, social and ecological challenges. We’re focused on 7 key industries: Green Chemistry, WaterTech, Agrifood, Digital Innovation, Life Sciences and Health, Energy and Logistics. Read about our key industries in detail, and find out more about the innovative projects we’re working on.



As a small, densely populated country, the Dutch were driven to optimize their agricultural yield, whilst still being committed to sustainable agriculture. Realizing...


Green Chemistry

In 1959, TopDutch discovered the world’s 9th and Europe’s 2nd largest natural gas field right under their feet. Together with naturally large reserves...



We enjoy an abundance of fresh and mineral water. However, located below sea-level and having a wet climate, in the Netherlands we’ve also...


Digital Innovation

The Dutch invented the CD and DVD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Python. Today, we form a digitally savvy society, being highly educated, wealthy and enjoying excellent...


Life sciences & health

As a wealthy and prosperous country with an inclusive culture, it’s no surprise we have high standards when it comes to...



TopDutch is energy. Located on Europe’s largest natural gas reserve, the TopDutch region is the main energy provider for the Netherlands and large parts...