Business culture in the TopDutch region

Here in the TopDutch region we like to work hard and play hard. Here’s your guide to the working style of your new TopDutch colleagues.


Borrel culture in the TopDutch region ©Sebastiaan Rodenhuis Fotografie

Borrel culture

me is money in our culture, so we like to get straight to business in meetings. But once the work is done, many Dutch companies like to socialize together in a borrel, meaning after-work drinks, where we relax together with our colleagues.


Being a country with one of the lowest power-distances in the world, the hierarchy here may seem a little funny when you first arrive here. Bosses and interns alike are all part of the team, and everyone is expected to work independently. Instead, bosses are the overall strategists of the team, and the rest of the team are considered the experts in their respective specializations.

Along the same line, we also like to make decisions as a team. Probably, meetings will be an important aspect of your working day, because that is where we discuss problems, plans and decide on strategies.