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The TopDutch brand works as a collective, committed to communicating the green, digital and talented strengths of the economic region of the Northern Netherlands together with our partners and friends at the media. To that extent, we provide resources on request for the press and our regional partners.

The TopDutch collective: regional. partners and network

For our regional partners

TopDutch is not a project, not an organization, not only a brand, it’s a collective. The TopDutch collective includes partners from government, business and education across the region.

Are you TopDutch? All relevant regional parties who share our ambition to show-off our green, digital and talented region to the world are welcome commit as a partner in the TopDutch collective. To help you on this mission, we’ll support you with:

  • Logos to use on your own media
  • Up-to-date and detailed sales materials to share with your network
  • Brochures, bidbooks, stories, PDFs and slides ready to show your contacts why TopDutch is a good place to be great
  • Our toolbook to guide you in making your own TopDutch content
  • Opportunities for knowledge sharing and cooperation

How can you join in? Fill in the form below to register your interest in spreading the TopDutch message. We’ll review your details and provide you with access to our brand materials as soon as possible.

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Members of the media

For the press

We’re always happy to hear from members of the media. Are you looking for images, information, or to have a chat with us? Get in touch with our marketing and communications team. We're only an e-mail, phone call or LinkedIn message away! You can also keep up-to-date with TopDutch via our newsletter.

TopDutch Professional

The TopDutch Professional newsfeed selects the most exclusive investment updates, industry insights and key stories. You’ll also receive unlimited access to articles and invites to exclusive international industry events and meet-ups.

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