Socializing in TopDutch

As an incoming expat in the TopDutch region, its useful to have an idea of our social customs. We’re excited to have you!


©Stella Dekker Fotografie

Social customs

People in the TopDutch region are very friendly and like to socialize, however depending on where you come from it might not feel like that sometimes! Our social life is generally quite well-organized; we like to be on time and for our guests to be on time in return, we don’t really do ‘dropping in’, and if you are feeling like a spontaneous chat it’s probably best to call in advance first. But once you get used to our social customs, socializing in the TopDutch region can be great fun.

Social life

Before you arrive in the TopDutch region, you may feel a little scared in terms of making friends and integrating. Fortunately, there are so many people from all around the world who are or who were in the same situation, and therefore making friends as an international resident is becoming easier and easier. There are a number of international organizations aimed at helping expats settle in. The International Welcome Center North, for example, organizes events and clubs regularly so that expats in the TopDutch region can get to know each other. Apart from that, there are loads of groups, meet-ups and parties organized for internationals either in English or - even better - in basic Dutch to help you integrate!