Living expenses for students

Thinking of studying in the TopDutch region? It’s important to know how much it’ll cost. Here’s an overview of the living costs for students in the Northern Netherlands.

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Overview of living costs

Cost of student living in the TopDutch region depends on your city and student life. However, on average students pay around €800-1100 a month. Here is a breakdown of the sort of costs you can be expecting to pay:

ExpenseAverage Cost p/m
Housing~ €350-750
Groceries~ €150-250
Books~ €75
Public transport~ €62
Going out/sports~ €130
Clothes~ €58
Insurance~ €80 - 120
Telephone~ €26

Financing student life

  • Student financing: EU and EEA citizens are likely entitled to a loan to cover the costs of your tuition fees only. Some international students are entitled to a further loan to support your costs of living, however there are very specific requirements. You can find details about this on the Dutch student finance organisation (DUO)’s website.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships can also provide an opportunity to support you in financing your studies in the Netherlands. These may be funded by your university or the Dutch government. You can find extra information on scholarship opportunities and application criteria on your university’s website. Further information on the government-funded NL Scholarship (for non-EEA students) can be found here.
  • Working: As an international student, you can also work next to your studies. However, keep in mind that you will need to obtain Dutch public health insurance and check the conditions of your study resident permit if you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen. More detailed information is provided by the IWCN.